All too often we see commercial and industrial roofs unnecessarily fail over time due to a poor preventive maintenance plan. A strong maintenance plan can help you avoid unwanted roof damages, protect your bottom line, and give your roof a longer life. Here are some tips for keeping your commercial roofing system in optimal condition:


  1. Inspect your roof regularly. Having your roof routinely inspected by a certified commercial roof inspector is the first step to keeping your roofing system in good condition. A proper roof inspection requires many steps and the use of special equipment to look for signs of damage, so call on the certified professionals at Qt Commercial to evaluate your roof’s health.
  2. Keep the roof clean. The Minnesota seasons bring all sorts of unwanted weight and debris to your roof—from leaves in the fall to snow and ice in the winter. Not only can heavy snow and wet leaves add unsafe weight to your roof, regular dirt and grime build up can also deteriorate the roof faster than normal. For a professional snow removal and leaf removal, or for a professional roof cleaning, the experts at Qt Commercial clear out any unwanted debris safely and efficiently.
  3. Make repairs as necessary. Don’t wait to have any damages or leaks inspected and repaired. The longer you wait, the more likely the damages will get worse and the more expensive the repairs could be in the long run. Whether any roof damages were discovered by an inspector or you noticed them yourself, don’t hesitate to have a professional roofing repair company fix your roof and get it working like new.
  4. Prep your roof for the seasons. This step is especially important prior to winter months. Winterizing your roof should be done every fall to prevent things like ice dams, which occur when snow builds up on the roof, turns to ice, and prevents proper water drainage. Because the freeze/thaw cycle of Minnesota can have a negative impact on commercial roofing systems, prep work needs to be done to ensure your roofing system holds up against the winter weather. With Qt Commercial, your roof can last decades with the proper maintenance and care.
  5. Keep detailed records. Building managers can change over time, and buildings can change hands as well. This means building maintenance information can fall through the cracks. We suggest you create a historical record and keep it in a safe place that can be easily accessed. The record should include the original roof plan, warranty documentation, repair records and equipment installation.



When it comes to commercial roof maintenance, it’s best to always take the proactive approach. Remember, the best defense is a good offense. To learn more about our preventive maintenance plans for commercial and industrial roofs, contact us at (763) 535-5831 today.