Ever heard of an official ShowRoof before? If you haven’t that’s ok, because we’re the first to harness this revolutionary model! We understand choosing a roofing system for your building is a complex decision, therefore we want you to see first-hand all of the options available. Divided into eight individual sections, our ShowRoof is equipped with the following roofing systems:

  • An EPDM Roofing System. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a widely used roofing material that is known for its durability and ease of installation. EPDM roofs use extremely durable and high-performance compounds that stand up to the harshest winters and hottest summers. EPDM has many installation options such as fully adhered, mechanically attached and ballasted.
  • A TPO Roofing System. TPO is a high quality thermoplastic polyolefin single-ply roof membrane. It has proven flexibility, weathering resistance rubber and the performance of hot-air welded seams. TPO has many installation options such as fully adhered, mechanically attached, Invisiweld™ and ballasted.
  • A Built-Up Roofing System. Built-up roofs are installed using several layers of a special type of roofing felt that has been created with asphalt and applied with a hot mop. The hot applied asphalt or coal tar mixture blends with the bitumen-soaked roof felt to create a monolithic roof membrane. The roof felt and asphalt tar layering is repeated over and over until the material is two to four plies in thickness. Lastly, finely crushed stones are laid over the top layer of hot tar to protect the built-up roof from harsh UV light and weather.

The Qt Commercial ShowRoof helps our customers better understand their options including the roof types, installations available, and how each can perform on your building. Each system on the ShowRoof varies in that either the materials used are different, or the attachment style of the materials are different. When you take our ShowRoof experience, you will be able to see each of the roofing systems in person to get a better sense of what your commercial roof could look like.

What to expect for our ShowRoof experience:

  1. Set up your ShowRoof experience – Call our office to set up a time for you and your group to come to our ShowRoof located in Brooklyn Park, MN.
  2. Head up to the roof – Once your group has arrived, we will provide each person with proper safety gear before going up to the roof. Gear includes a reflective vest and a hard hat.
  3. Experience the ShowRoof – Our experienced roofing technicians will lead your group on a full tour of the ShowRoof. Our roof is divided into eight sections. You will learn about each of our roofing systems we offer and the different ways each material can be attached.
  4. Lunch and learn – Following the ShowRoof experience, we invite your team to stay for lunch and learn more about what we can offer. We will answer any questions you may have on the roofing systems and services.

Understand the roofing options available to you by scheduling a ShowRoof experience today! Contact us for more information.