Skylight Installation and Replacement

Skylight Installation and Replacement

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Daylighting has been a popular option for keeping commercial buildings well lit over the years because it provides adequate natural lighting for your building’s interior. Daylighting can lower your energy costs as well as lower your impact on the environment.

Qt Commercial specializes in skylight installation, and complete skylight replacement for all commercial properties. We offer efficient, dependable work, and industry-leading products that will last for years. Contact us today for a free evaluation.

Skylight Installation

Skylight installation requires strategic planning and collaboration between the building manager and our contractors. We can sit down with you to discuss skylight design and implementation.

New skylights provide an array of benefits and features:

  • Lower energy costs. Using natural lighting instead of electric lighting to light any given space can save you money and help the environment. Not only will you save on continuous bulb replacements, you will lower your property’s energy costs.
  • Happier building occupants. Whether the skylight’s purpose is to light a shopping center or an office building, studies have shown that naturally-lit environments produce happier employees, shoppers, and tenants.
  • Natural, warm style & design. Nothing replaces the warmth and glow of natural light in any room. If you are looking for a way to accent an already fashionable room trend, skylights give you that added element that powered lighting cannot duplicate.

Skylight Replacement

Though skylights are typically well sealed, they are still penetrations in the roof, and can spring occasional leaks for many reasons. Poor installation, a lack of proper sealing, and old or damaged skylights are typically the first to require a replacement, however, the following are trusted signs you might need a professional skylight replacement:

  • Age of the Skylight. Materials used, shape, and the initial installation are all variables that affect the lifespan of a skylight. A typical acrylic skylight can last approximately 7-10 years whereas higher-quality skylights can last 10 years or longer. The best idea is to have your skylight professionally inspected every year.
  • Water Seepage or Leaks. If the ceiling around the skylight is damp or stained, or if the surrounding drywall is discolored, bubbling, or peeling, there could be moisture passing through your roof from the skylight. Water damage and leaks can be a costly fix for ceilings and walls, so it’s best to contact a professional immediately when you notice the signs of moisture. With leaks you may notice pools of water collecting on your floor during/after a rainstorm. Serious leaks like these may be the result of an issue with the sealant or a crack in the surface.
  • Cracks or Chipping: One of the most obvious signs a skylight is in need of replacement is if you see visible cracks in the surface. Simple cracks can lead to water seepage, drafts, and poor insulation.

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We’ve seen it all! Qt Commercial provides professional skylight installation and replacement services for commercial properties in the Twin Cities area. Our contractors have the knowledge and skills to identify issues with your skylights and fix them in an efficient and dependable manner. If you need skylight installation, inspection, or full replacement, schedule a repair today.