Gutters and Downspouts

Gutter and Downspout Repair

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Did you know that one-inch of rain on a 12,000 square foot roof represents about 12,500 gallons of water? If you neglect gutters and downspouts that 12,500 gallons of water could end up doing some serious damage to your structure. Gutters and downspouts that leak or get clogged can’t perform as intended. That’s why it is important to inspect, clean and maintain your gutters and downspouts regularly.

Aside from clogged gutters, here are some common signs your gutters are leaking and are in need of repair:

  • Improper slope. Over time, yearly temperature changes as well as water and debris weight can cause your gutters to sag in certain areas. Sagging can cause the natural slope of your gutters to disappear, making the water overflow over the sides of the guttering.

    How we can help: This issue typically requires the simple rehanging of specific gutter sections to achieve the proper slope.
  • Cracks. Unwanted cracking can occur at places in the gutters where fasteners pass through the metal, or where gutter sections join together. These areas are especially vulnerable to debris accumulation, causing them to separate from each other completely.

    How we can help: Small cracks can easily be repaired with special sealant or caulk, however, larger separations may require more work. Seam cracks may require refastening to prevent future separations.
  • Joint separations. The joints are the weakest points of a gutter system because water is required to bend around a corner before continuing on toward a nearby downspout. When joints constantly bear the weight of water and other debris, they can sometimes become separated from the unit.

    How we can help: Joint separations can sometimes be easy fixes, where we will simply replace the problematic joint. However depending on the type of leak, a special sealant may be enough for a repair.

Qt Commercial has a team of professionals, the equipment and the know-how to make sure your gutters and downspouts are keeping your building dry.

Gutter Installation Services

Old dented gutters and downspouts can not only cause functional issues, they can also lower the aesthetic appeal of your home or business. Older gutters and downspouts can be difficult to repair in patches, therefore homeowners often choose to replace old with new. Increase your home’s overall value with a brand new gutter installation from Qt Commercial. We’ll help you determine the materials, color, style, size, and drainage options necessary to make your new gutter system looking and performing its best.

Gutter Cleaning Services

Oftentimes, gutters and downspouts are overlooked by homeowners in terms of routine maintenance. Especially in areas with a lot of tall trees, open-air gutters will collect leaves, sticks, and other debris that can cause sub-optimal water drainage for your property. Gutters clogged with debris can overflow, sending water everywhere and defeating the point of having gutters in the first place.

If your home or business is in need of immediate repairs or cleaning services, or if you require a full gutter system installation, the professionals at Qt Commercial have you covered. For 13 years, Qt Commercial has been providing professional roofing and gutter system services to Twin Cities residents, and we have the knowledge to spot problems right away. For more information about our gutters and downspouts services, contact us at (763) 535-5831.