24/7 Emergency Service

24/7 Emergency Service

  • Comprehensive Services From inspections and preventative maintenance to storm damage repair and ice dam removal, Qt can keep every aspect of your building well maintained.
  • 24/7 Emergency Services Disaster can strike at any time. When it does, you can count on Qt Commercial for 24/7 emergency services.
  • Professional Contractors To protect our customers, all Qt employees are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Disaster can strike at any time, day or night, so Qt Commercial is dedicated to providing you with 24/7 emergency response. We offer a wide range of roofing services that include 24/7 emergency roof repairs, debris removal, and roofing inspection. We can fully restore your commercial roof.

Roof Leak Repair
Roof leaks can create unsafe working and living conditions for building occupants. They can also cause significant interior damage, so the sooner a leak can be stopped, the better. A prompt response can minimize potential problems and can mean the difference in repair costs. We can quickly identify where the leak is coming from and patch the roof. We can match your roof’s current design and re-create a cohesive look.

Storm Damage Repair
Mother nature has a way of wreaking havoc on your roof. Midwest thunderstorms are known for bringing strong winds and sometimes unwanted hail. Qt Commercial works directly with insurance companies to assess and negotiate roof repairs due to storm damage ― including hail, rain, snow, lightning and wind. We can meet with the insurance adjuster to verify areas of the roof that were directly affected by the storm. From there we can develop the right strategy for restoring your roof back to performing like new.

Snow and Ice Removal
Ice and snow can build up easily on flat roof systems. In the state of Minnesota, much of our snow is wet and heavy. The snow layer can put excess of weight on the roofing system and compromise its structural integrity. Many older buildings are not designed to carry this kind of excess weight. The threat of collapse is the primary reason excess ice and snow needs your attention.

Our team of skilled roofing contractors have the experience, equipment, and training necessary to remove the snow in an efficient and safe manner. Once we remove the snow from your roof we can inspect the entire roofing system to determine if there is any damage or leaks. In addition to removing snow, we also remove ice dams that can build up and damage the roofing components.

Avoid DIY Roof Repair
Once a roof has been damaged by a storm, ice, or snow, it’s structural integrity is always in question. You never know what problems are hiding beneath the surface. Therefore, you should avoid trying to inspect or repair the roof yourself. Your best option is to call a Qt Commercial roofing contractor. We can identify the amount and type of damage both on and underneath the roof. From there we can determine the best approach for repairing or replacing it. By leaving the work to the professionals you avoid any risk of injury or fatality to you, your employees, or your customers.

We’re Here for You 24/7

The professionals at Qt Commercial are all too familiar with the varying weather patterns of the great state of Minnesota, therefore you need a contractor who will always be ready when disaster strikes. From simple plowing and salting to emergency roof repairs, Qt Commercial is available to our customers all hours of the day. Contact us today at (763) 535-5831 to learn more about how we go above and beyond for our customers.