Garage Repairs

Garage Repairs

A working garage door is something we’ve all taken for granted, but when it’s no longer working properly, it can set you back more than you realize. At Qt Commercial, we realize your garage door is the second front door to your business. It not only enhances your business’s security, it can enhance its curb appeal and energy efficiency. Our team of professional technicians can repair the toughest garage door issues including:

  • Broken springs. Your garage door spring is what makes that heavy door light enough to either lift on your own or for the opener to lift it easily. The average garage door spring lasts 7-9 years, though tension breaks can occur at any time. A broken spring usually means a completely unusable garage door. Because tension springs are dangerous to be handled, it’s best to leave it to a professional to take care of the fix.
  • Off-track door. There are many reasons why your garage door can come off its tracks including if it was hit by a car, has improperly aligned tracks, the rollers have worn out, or even if the lift cable is broken. Because there are several “stages” of off-track garage doors, It’s best to let a professional get the door back on track without causing additional damage to the door.
  • Damaged garage panel. Perhaps one section of your garage door is bent or damaged, but the rest is fine. We can easily replace just one panel of the door without needing to replace the entire garage door.
  • Bottom seal rubber and weatherstripping. The weatherstripping and sealing around your garage is a first defense at keeping moisture, debris, and critters outside. Over time, stripping can become cracked or ripped, making it an ineffective barrier for your garage. Our experts can repair the seal at the bottom of the door, as well a weatherstrip the edges for an air-tight close.

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If your home or business’s garage door is broken or not working properly, trust Qt Commercial’s garage door repair services. For more information about our garage door repairs, or if you need a technician to provide an estimate, contact us to speak with an experienced contractor today.