Ice Dam and Snow Removal

Ice Dam and Snow Removal

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Minnesota sees an average annual snow accumulation of roughly 54 inches every year, which can become problematic for your roof. Snow can build up easily on flat roof systems. In the upper Midwest, many of our snowfalls are wet and heavy. This can literally add tons of weight to the roofing system compromising the integrity of the structure.

While cold weather building codes have changed in recent years, many older buildings are not designed to carry this kind of excess weight. The threat of collapse is the primary reason excess snow needs your attention. Plus, if you don’t clear the roof of heavy snow and ice, you’ll find that the snow will absorb additional sleet and rain, adding to the weight already present on your roof.

Large amounts of snow and months of freezing temperatures can cause damage to your roof, as well as cause ice dams to form, resulting in leaks and possible water damage. Qt Commercial’s snow removal service is capable of safely removing heavy snow and ice from your property’s roof quickly and efficiently.

So what is an ice dam?

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof, preventing melted snow from flowing off the roof. When a building’s interior is warmer that the outside freezing temperatures, any snow on the roof is capable of melting, no matter how cold the temperatures are outside. The water will then run down the roof and refreeze into ice once it hits the roof’s edge.

When winter snowstorms challenge the weight limits of your roof, it’s critical that the ice and snow be removed to prevent a catastrophic roof failure. The weight of the ice and accumulated water can cause massive amounts of damage to a roof.

Removing snow from a flat roof is a job for a trained and experienced professional. Done incorrectly, serious damage will occur leading to potential leak situations. Leave it to the professionals at Qt Commercial to remove snow and ice from your roof, as trying to remove it on your own can result in possible accidents and injuries.

Dangers of snow removal

  • Injury from falling on snow and ice
  • Injury from unseen or buried roof objects
  • Falling through unseen or buried skylight
  • Overexertion
  • Unsafe use of ladders

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