All commercial roofs have some sort of various piping, signs, HVAC units, electrical conduit or roof vents needed to make the building functional for their intended purpose. Most of these need to be routed from the interior through to the exterior, resulting in a mechanical roof penetration. Some commercial roofs may have more penetrations than others, but the fact still remains, all penetrations can be a source of leaks if not installed and maintained properly.

Most Common Mechanical Roof Penetrations:

  • Curbs – Curbs are installed to support the mechanical unit(s) on your roof.
  • Cones – Cones are used to allow pipe and mechanical penetrations to exit the building through the roof.
  • Pitch Pans – Pitch pans are used when irregular penetrations are required
  • Sleepers – Sleepers or sometimes referred to as skids, are used to carry the weight load from bar joints. They can also be used to keep mechanical items from sitting directly on your roof system.
  • Pipe Chase – Pipe chase or dog house, are installed to house or conceal pipe and/or mechanical items. This helps reduce leaks and corrosion.
  • Vent Pipes – Vent pipes, also known as plumber’s jack, are used to release the pressure from plumbing drains.
  • Roof Hatch – A roof hatch allows you access to your roof from inside of the building.

What to Do If a New Mechanical Penetration Is Needed on Your Roof

Your first call should be to your roofing company and provide them with the service contractors information and what needs to be added to the roof. If your roof is still under warranty, the manufacturer needs to be made aware of any changes as it could affect the integrity of the warranty. Once the work is completed on the roof, it is best practice to have the roofing company come in to seal the penetrations. In doing this, you are making sure the penetrations are sealed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Schedule Your Roof Inspection

The best way to know of any mechanical penetration issues is to get the professionals at Quality Trusted Commercial Construction & Roofing out to your building. Here at Qt, we offer thorough roof inspection and reports to our customers. Each report is detailed with existing roofing conditions, potential issues, estimated repair costs and pictures. We also categorize any problem areas by severity so you know which ones need attention ASAP.

Whether we are installing a brand-new flat roofing system or working on an existing roof, Qt can ensure these penetrations are watertight. Contact Qt today!