Commercial flats roofs are designed to last for many years; however, neglecting your roof could cause damage created by unwanted wildlife and debris.

The trees in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas provide us with shade in our short, but hot, Minnesota summers. Sometimes we forget that trees, branches, and leaves actually present an issue with commercial flat roofs. Not to mention that trees are the homes and playground for squirrels, birds, and other rodents. Removing unwanted vegetation and debris will not only allow your roof to drain as it was designed, it may also improve your roof’s safety.

Birds, rodents, and squirrels can damage the roof membrane as well as dig, burrow, and damage exposed roof insulation. Quality Trusted Commercial Construction & Roofing has seen first-hand birds that have used the roof as their home by building nests from the debris that has accumulated on the unmaintained roof. This can cause roof damage which then could allow the roof to take in water, creating wet insulation and/or roof leaks. Pigeons are notorious for letting their feces pile up so high that not only could it lead to additional weight issues, it can become a biohazard issue with fumes pumping into your building through the HVAC systems. The wildlife nests we have found are near or on the drainage pathways which may cause ponding. All of these things could create costly commercial roof repairs or replacement that you have not budgeted for.

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