When a commercial roof leaks, the water can cause significant costly damage inside your building. Water can damage the walls, electrical systems, and even drip onto your flooring, furniture, or electronic equipment. Mold can also develop and compromise your building’s structural integrity.

While it is important to identify these leaks, it’s also important to identify what is causing them. Below we look at three causes of commercial roof leaks.

#1: Your Roof is Old and Needs to be Repaired or Replaced

One of the first questions to ask yourself is, How old is your roof? If the roof is past its warranty, then you may want to consider replacing it. How long should your roofing system last? It depends on what type of membrane is covering the base of the roof.

  • TPO roof system estimated life expectancy is 22-30 years
  • EPDM roof system estimated life expectancy is 22-35 years
  • Metal roof system estimated life expectancy is 30-45 years
  • Asphalt roof system estimated life expectancy is 20-40 years

#2: You Haven’t Cleaned Your Roof

Even the tallest buildings can gather dust, dirt, debris, and mold. For this reason, you should have your roof professionally inspected annually, and cleaned at least annually or biannually.

Debris can cause pools to collect across the roofing system. Pools can seep into the roofing system if there is even the slightest tear, crack, or opening in the system. Mold can also develop where moisture resides. Remove debris as often as necessary, remove mold whenever you discover it, trim back any tree branches from the roof, and clean out any drains or gutters that exist in the roof.

#3: You Have Neglected Your Roof

All commercial roofing systems require some type of maintenance schedule. If you adhere to the maintenance schedule with preventive maintenance, you can expect few, if any, leaks to occur over the years. However, if you neglect your roof, you can expect normal wear to take its toll quickly. The result is a leaking roofing system that allows water to seep into the building.

Note: Leaks can also occur when maintenance trades damage the roofing system in an attempt to perform routine maintenance. Therefore, you should have your maintenance company call the roofing company before they get on the roof. At the very least, they will be aware of your concern.

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