Leak Investigation and Repair

Leak Investigation and Repair

Some of the most common and expensive problems associated with any building are related to water intrusion. Locating the source of a roof leak can be difficult. Water naturally follows the path of least resistance, meaning it can take many unpredictable twists and turns even before entering a building. Throw in multiple roof systems and rooftop penetrations and the issue becomes even more difficult to solve.

The professionals at Qt Commercial have the capabilities to pinpoint roof leaks and make the repairs necessary to get your roof in its best shape. Whether the roof is relatively new or 20 years old, you never know when you could need a major repair.

Our initial leak investigation will consist of our certified technicians:

  • Capturing photos of your roof
  • Generating detailed reports
  • Constant communication with the on-site contact
  • Checking in and out with the on-site contact


The professionals at Qt Commercial are highly skilled in of finding and repairing difficult roof leaks. Contact us today for more information.