Today’s commercial flat roofs can withstand the ongoing freeze-thaw cycles that occur during the Minnesota winters, however the snow and ice cannot be ignored. The roofing membrane expands and contracts with the temperature changes and this can sometimes cause havoc on a roof, especially if the roof is nearing its serviceable life.

When water freezes, it increases in volume. If the water is confined into a small space, the expansion exerts a tremendous amount of stress in that space. Eventually, the surrounding material could be damaged under the pressure. The freeze-thaw cycle can occur in the fall, winter or spring in Minnesota and also with temperature fluctuations. Consequently, the roofing material expands and contracts over and over again.

A few common examples of damage that have been seen during a freeze-thaw cycle are:

  • Membrane and seam damage
  • Splits
  • Scupper and downspout damage

You might be wondering how you can prevent this from happening to your roof. Quality Trusted Commercial Construction & Roofing offers seasonal roof inspections. During our roof inspections, we will look for any freeze-thaw damage along with any existing maintenance and repair needs. This will be provided to you in a detailed report with estimated costs to correct the defects.

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