Built-Up Roofing

Built-Up Roofing

Built-up roofing (BUR) systems are also referred to as “tar & gravel” or “asphalt & gravel” roofs. This type of roofing is ideal for commercial buildings with low-sloped roofs. Qt Commercial offers comprehensive BUR roofing for building owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Contact us today for a free consultation.

BUR Commercial Roofing Installation Process

Built-up roofs are installed using several layers of a special type of roofing that has been created with asphalt and applied with a hot mop. The hot applied asphalt or coal tar mixture blends with the bitumen-soaked roof felt to create a monolithic roof membrane. The roof felt and asphalt tar layering is repeated over and over until the material is two to four plies in thickness. Last, finely crushed stones are laid over the top layer of hot tar to protect the built-up roof from harsh UV light and weather. When installation is complete, the roof is completely insulated and well protected.

Layers are the key to a durable, long lasting built-up roof system. This is why, with our built-up roofing system, we place layer upon layer of insulation and asphalt as well as alternating layer of overlapping, reinforcing material to ensure that no moisture gets through. BUR roofing acts as an insulator to sunlight and heat as well as moisture. It is a smart choice for building owners looking for an economical roofing material.

Features & Benefits of BUR Roofing

BUR roofing generally lasts 20 years. More advanced systems can last up to 30 years. The more layers you add to the membrane, the longer the roof will perform. Because it’s so durable, BUR roofing can be installed on large commercial structures as well as high-end industrial buildings.
A Built-Up roof limits movement with a high tensile material that weighs 200 pounds per square inch. Little movement eliminates the possibility of cracking, tearing, or expansion. A more stationary roof will last longer and require less maintenance since there are no moving parts.
Multiple reinforced layers provide numerous barriers that will prevent moisture and leaks. Asphalt holds the roof together and seals the entire surface, delivering up to five times greater water-resistant thickness.
The BUR roofing process is simple and quick. We fuse together multiple plies with hot asphalt. This eliminates the need for any further ballast or fasteners that can weigh a roof down.

Complete BUR Roofing Installation in Minneapolis

Qt Commercial’s premier customer service and industry-leading products have made us a leader in the flat roofing industry. Qt Commercial’s experienced staff provides the product knowledge and installation expertise required to strengthen our business relationships and retain a loyal and growing customer base. Not sure which roofing option is right for your buildings roof? Contact us to schedule a personalized tour of our one-of-a-kind ShowRoof or for more information about our built-up roofing system.