Hail DamageWe’re proud to be Minnesota's best call for repair and restoration of your hail, ice and snowstorm damaged roof. Qt Commercial works directly with insurance companies to assess and negotiate roof repairs due to storm damage ― including hail, rain, snow, lightning and wind.

If you suspect you may have damage, are missing shingles, see other roofs in your area being replaced, or know that storms have passed through the area, call Qt Commercial right away!

We’ll provide you with a free, detailed, no obligation assessment and estimate of your roof.

Wind and Hail Damage

It’s not always obvious to determine if you have hail damage on your commercial roof. It takes the trained eye of a knowledgeable and experienced Qt Commercial roofing professional.  And, while hail and wind damage may seem minor it can be a costly mistake if not taken seriously.  

When hail hits your roof or the wind flexes and bends the shingles, it causes minute damage to the integrity of the roof. This damage may have cracked the fiberglass membrane allowing water to eventually seep into your structure. Wind and hail damage loosens asphalt shingle granules that protect your roof. Over time, the lost granules lead to further roof deterioration, and ultimately leaks and roof failure.  It may take days or even weeks for this leak to appear.  Potential interior damage may include wall damage, insulation damage, carpet damage, mildew, mold spores, bug infestation and much more.   

It’s important to let a trained Qt Commercial professional inspect the integrity of your roof and help you get it replaced or repaired.

Ice and Snow Damage

Ice DamageNo one knows more about harsh Minnesota winters than the roofing experts at Qt Commercial.  That’s why we offer winter maintenance programs that are proven to extend the life of your commercial roof.

Snow can build up easily on flat roof systems.  In the upper Midwest many of our snowfalls are wet and heavy.   This can literally add tons of weight to the roofing system compromising the integrity of the structure.

While cold weather building codes have changed in recent years, many older buildings are not designed to carry this kind of excess weight.  The threat of collapse is the primary reason excess snow needs your attention.  Plus, if you don’t clear the roof of heavy snow and ice, you’ll find that the snow will absorb additional sleet and rain, adding to the weight already present on your roof.

Ice Dams

Heavy snow can facilitate the creation of ice dams.  If you allow ice dams to form, water will build up on your roof and can cause leaks into the structure and extensive damage to roofs, gutters, attics and walls of a building. If you feel there may be a potential problem with your roof, or if you have had ice dams in the past call Qt Commercial, and we will come out to give you a roof inspection and address any concerns.  We’ll also provide you with solutions to remove and prevent ice dams.

CAUTION:  Major damage can occur to a roofing system if inadequate or improper tools are used to remove snow and ice. Hammers, axes and landscaping rakes will damage a roof.   In addition, your insurance may not cover the damage if the job is not done professionally.  Qt Commercial is a team of professionals with the tools and skills to do the job correctly.

Infrared Moisture Detection

A problem faced by many property owners is moisture behind walls, over ceilings, and under floors.  This moisture is very hard and nearly impossible to detect.  Qt Commercial utilizes hand held and aerial infrared scanning to get an accurate assessment of the moisture problem.  This technique for detecting moisture damage within the roof system is cost effective, pinpoints moisture issues without destroying walls or roofs and is usually covered by insurance claims.

How does it work?  On sunny days, wet roof insulation absorbs much more solar heat than dry insulation. After dark, usually one to three hours after sunset, the infrared camera can detect the solar heat loss. It’s simple, effective and virtually guarantees no unnecessary roof work will be done.  Call Qt Commercial today to see what’s really under your roof!

Our Commercial Roofing Services Include

  • Building Ice Dam Removal and Repair
  • Commercial Building Heat Cables
  • Commercial Building Skylight Installation
  • Commercial Building Roof Snow Removal
  • Commercial Leaf Removal
  • Parking Lot Plowing
  • Salting, Sanding, Shoveling


Roofing Materials Warehouse

Secure WarehouseOur large, climate controlled warehouse is used to store roofing and construction materials out of the elements. Your materials are kept in a secure environment with controlled entry until they are needed on the job site.

Customer Testimonials

"We were impressed with the speed of the installation, and are pleased with the quality of the installation.  We are looking forward to working with Jason and the Qt crew again on the next one."

– Troy Wenck, Reuter Walton Companies

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